Grants Pass family at a loss on neighbor concerns

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Two Grants Pass neighbors are at odds tonight after one family says they've been living with a trash pile up and worse, now a threat.

The Hill family says their long-time neighbor, an elderly woman, passed away in December of 2016 as the house was going into foreclosure.

However, about a year later a woman believed to be her granddaughter took over the house and that's when their problems began.

"I'm in lock-down, I'm the one that's a prisoner here," said Kaaren Hill.

The Hill family says they're getting ready to run for the hills because they have to protect their children and pets from all of the issues with their neighboring house.

"We can't let them go down the driveway, you can't go past there. It's like we have our own private homeless camp right past our gate," said Kaaren Hill.

Homeless, or squatters, are what the Hills think the people in the vans and the RV staying on the neighbor’s property.

Kymmery Marsh, they granddaughter of their deceased neighbor says they were invited.

"They're not squatters, they just needed a place to park their RV for the time being. It's not squatters it's just people who are in need and need help," said Marsh.

Whether or not there are trespassing or eye sore violations, Timothy Hill, Karen Hill’s son says there should be something done against what he found Sunday morning.

"There were two noose as two arrows all on the bottom of this sign and that was it," said Timothy Hill.

Marsh says the arrows aren’t a danger.

"Besides that one that's broken are for targets they're not sharp. I mean they'd leave a bruise but that's about it," said Marsh.

The Hills, on the other hand, say they don't take the arrows or any other displays lightly.

"As far as I'm concerned when you put noose up you're threatening my life and the life of my family," said Timothy Hill.

Peace of mind is something the whole family says they'd like back.

"We should be able to enjoy our retirement, at least sit out there in the day and not have to look at that," said Kaaren Hill.

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