Grants Pass looks to take control of Allen Creek Road

Allen Creek road with barriers. (John Stoeckl/News 10)

The Grants Pass City Council will be voting on Wednesday night to take control of a narrow section of Allen Creek Road that currently dead-ends. Once under government control, the city plans to widen the road and make it an east-west thoroughfare parallel to Highway 238.

Grants Pass Public Works Jason Canady says the plan to open the road has been on the city’s Master Plan since the early 1980s. But the recent reviews and upgrades to the Master Plan are now targeting the Allen Creek project.

“It is really designed to be the primary east-west corridor to bypass Williams Highway to get traffic around town,” Canady said regarding the road widening project.

The quarter-mile stretch of Allen Creek road is narrow and borders primarily homes and fields. A stone barrier that says “road closed” separates the road from where Allen Creek continues on to New Hope Road. Once widened and opened, it’ll connect Hope Road to Redwood Highway.

Tonight, the Grants Pass City Council will vote on the jurisdiction of the road as well as it’s projected future.

“Currently that is a county jurisdiction road,” Canady said. “By the city council accepting jurisdiction, it means they will be responsible for all of the upkeep maintenance on that road as well as decisions about how that road will be developed in the future.”

The plans for the road has received mixed opinions. Current residents on the road would like things to stay the same, especially where houses run close to the current road. But others would be happy to see the new access from New Hope Road to Redwood Highway.

If all is approved, the widening project will likely begin in the year 2021.

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