Grants Pass moves to address dangerous intersection

Grants Pass is making A Street and Beacon Drive a four-way stop on Oct 8th to lesson the amount of accidents reported at this residential neighborhood. Currently it is a two-way stop. (KTVL)

The City of Grants Pass is moving to change the traffic control, on what they call, a dangerous intersection.

Recent traffic studies conducted by the Grants Pass Public Works Department point to NE A Street and Beacon Drive as a an intersection that needs the change.

Grants Pass Information Coordinator Steven Sabel said the study confirmed 13 major accidents at that intersection between 2011 and 2015, with more than half of those accidents resulting in injuries.

"Currently it is just a two-way and the plan is to create a four-way stop," Sabel said. "There is a visual element there that adds to the need for all directions to stop before continuing."

You might think the city found out through their own data or through driver complaints but they say it was a little bit of both.

"It was already identified as a location that was going to require this addition in the future. When residents came and expressed their concerns about and we looked into the traffic plan and we discovered, 'oh what they're talking about we already decided to do at some point," Sable said.

The new signs will go up on Tuesday, October 8th. They will create a four-way stop at the intersection.

"They're concerns and recommendations to city staff caused city staff to speed up the process and implement what the traffic system plan already recommended but to do it sooner," Sabel said.

And while that's nearly three weeks away drivers will see temporary warning signs go up soon that will let them know of the changes coming to the intersection.

Sabel said the city is encouraging residents to advise them on the city's Transportation System Plan. They can take a survey on-line and the feedback will be used for city planning.

"The most important thing we want resident to know is that we do want their input," Sabel said. "Residents can log in to the website and provide their valuable feedback about additional areas in the community where they either have concerns or recommendations regarding what we do going forward to keep traffic safe and efficient."

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