Local parents concerned over weed-killer

local parents concerned over weed-killer (Shelby Reilly-KTVL)

Parents are concerned after receiving an email from Grants Pass School District Seven saying they would be spraying the weed killer "round up" on campuses Friday.

An email was sent out to parents giving a 24 hour notice about the spraying and the locations.

Round Up has Glyphosate which has been said to cause cancer. Even though it is being done when kids are out of school, parents are still concerned about the health risks it could cause.

The school district explains they are spraying the weed killer in the safest way possibly.

"The manner in which we are using it is safe in that we are going by the guidelines that we have from the state. The person doing the application has gone through the process of getting his licensure," said Sherry Ely, Chief of Operations for Grant's Pass School District.

Ely saidt this is a product that is used very often, so it is not something that people wouldn't possibly be exposed to already.

The spraying took place on Friday from 9 A.M to 5 P.M., and people are advised not to go on the campuses for 24 hours. There will be notification each time the weed killer is used at each location.

Specific locations of where the spraying took place can be found on the Grants Pass School District website.

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