Greenway Enhancements Underway

The Greenway in Medford, Oregon (Carsyn Currier/News 10)

On Thursday, July 25th, the Medford City Council moved forward with the proposed Bear Creek Greenway enhancements. According to Rich Rosenthal, the city's Parks, Recreation and Facilities Director, the next step is to put together an implementation plan for the four categories of enhancements: solar lighting, blackberry abatement, sharps containers, and larger trash cans.

"Now we will go issue the bids for the solar lighting, we will start to contract with people to do the blackberry abatement and the brushing and the pruning, we will order two sharps disposal containers, and then we will order larger trash containers for the Greenway," Rosenthal said.

Parks, Recreation, and Facilities said it will take from a few weeks to a few months to get everything in place. They have to follow the same steps that public agencies have to go through for procurement.

"We have a grand total of $390,000 for enhancements. A total of about $270,000 is going to the solar lighting, and about $90,000 is going to the blackberry removal. $10,000 dollars is going to sharps containers, and $13,000 for larger trash cans," Rosenthal said.

According to the city, the installation of solar lighting will most likely happen first. They will start installing lighting in the south at Bear Creek Park, and work their way north.

"We do need to enter into a intergovernmental agreement with Oregon Department of Transportation for placing solar lights on their right of way. Even though the city and ODOT are participating and cooperating with the lighting on their property, it's not all city property that we will be placing these lights on," Rosenthal said.

Parks, Recreation, and Facilities said the lighting will take place on 2.5 miles of the 7.2 mile Greenway within Medford city limits.

"This represents lighting about a third of the distance, which is a good first step. Maybe in the future, it will be possible to light the remaining sections of it," Rosenthal said.

Even though the lighting will only be installed on 2.5 miles of the Greenway, the city said the $90,000 of pruning and blackberry abatement will take place on all 7.2 miles of the Greenway.

The first two solar lights have already been installed on the Greenway south of McAndrews Road.

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