Grocery Outlet pays it forward with Random Acts of Kindness

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market co-owner Leslie Parks hugs the first customer to have her groceries paid for by Grocery Outlet. (Courtesy: Grocery Outlet Bargain Market)

After being a part of the Grants Pass Community for 25 years, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is paying for random customers' groceries during the holiday season!

Through Dec. 22nd, the owners of Grocery Outlet plan to pay for some grocery lists as a way to give back to the community. The first one happened on Tuesday when the owners paid for an unsuspecting customer's grocery bill of more than $200.

The owners say price is no object.

"We picked a great family that was very deserving of it, very thankful which was really neat to see," Glen Parks, one of the owners of the grocery store, said. "It was just a good day [on Tuesday]. We had tears coming from all directions."

Other customers can help pay it forward too by paying for another customer's groceries by meeting with management and picking out a random customer.

Make sure to spread the holiday spirit by sharing this story, the video embedded or by paying it forward!

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