Ground movement continues on Hwy 101

As of Thursday afternoon, the ground at the Hooskanaden Slide on U.S. 101 has been moving approximately 11 inches an hour. (Courtesy Tidewater Contractors)

U.S. Highway 101 will likely remain closed near Brookings, Oregon for a few more days, says the Oregon Department of Transportation in their latest update on Thursday.

ODOT and Tidewater Contractors have equipment on site and are standing by, ready to rebuild the quarter mile of highway after a slide near Hooskanaden Creek closed the strip of road on Monday.

Earlier in the week, the ground had been moving more than 2 feet an hour, resulting in enormous cracks in the road surface and a 10-foot dropoff, according to ODOT.

As weather has improved, the ground movement has decreased to about 11 inches an hour by Thursday afternoon. ODOT says that as soon as movement slows to three inches per hour, they and Tidewater will begin pouring rock and rebuilding the roadway to get at least a single lane open.

In the meantime, Tidewater is addressing other issues uphill from the highway. According to ODOT, the initial slide blocked the natural path of a creek on the hillside, shifting the runoff into the middle of the slide and causing the ground to become saturated and less stable. Tidewater is working to reestablish the original channel and direct water away from the slide.

While the highway is closed, motorists are advised to use alternate routes.

Update: Movement slows at Hooskanaden Slide on Hwy 101

Update: Closed section of Highway 101 will hopefully re-open Friday

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