Health Care For All Oregon visits Phoenix to create community discussion

Health Care of All Oregon member wearing a red shirt during Phoenix meeting on Saturday. (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

Members of Health Care For All Oregon canvassed Phoenix on Saturday to discuss the medical system. Going from door to door, a group of eight volunteers spent the day talking to residents about affordable healthcare.

In addition to updating them on state and national issues, the group asked residents about their own personal experiences within the system.

The organization argues healthcare is a bipartisan issue, as it affects every person regardless of political affiliation.

In between election years, members said they are interested in creating a discussion, instead of pushing a specific bill or a political candidate.

"We would really want people to look at healthcare differently," member Lauri Hoagland said. "We're not going around with an agenda of getting somebody elected. We're going around to really understand and connect to all citizens."

The organization said Americans pay about $9,000 on average in healthcare costs per year. Despite paying more than other countries, they said we are still ranked low when it comes to life expectancy and mortality rates.

After hitting the towns of Ashland and Phoenix, their goal is to canvas every neighborhood of Jackson County by the end of the year.

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