Heavy rain, flooding traps Rogue River resident

Courtesy of Tara Scheing

After a heavy rain, some residents who live in rural areas are still dealing with the aftermath of this weekend's storm. Rogue River resident Tara Scheing said she was stuck in her house for about three days, since Friday evening.

“Saturday, I went out to the corner store by our house and I realized we were stuck," Scheing said. "Being that we’ve only lived here for a year and a half and last year with the dry winter, we didn’t really know what to do."

For her property and 11 others off of Murphy Gulch Rd., the only way out is a one-way bridge that was out-of-service all weekend due to severe flooding.

Scheing said she has learned from this experience and will be better prepared for future storms.

"In terms of damage, no just a lot of flooding," Scheing said. "Preparation, I think, is key to getting through the winters up here and it's just a matter of stocking up on everything."

While the bridge is now back open, Scheing said there was a tree log, which fell down from the heavy rain, that was blocking the way Monday morning.

Scheing said her neighbor was once stuck in their residence for nine days straight, after a storm two years ago.

Despite the rainfall and flooding, the Oregon Department of Transportation said there have been minimal impacts on major road projects.

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