Hidden Valley High School sees rise in marijuana use

Hidden Valley High School, Feb. 26th 2016, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

Grants Pass, Ore. -- A Grants Pass father says it all comes down to access. When Harry Knight found his son was smoking pot, he took action. He says he's worked with his son to stop the problem at home. But Knight wanted to reach out to community members to see how many students are using marijuana.

"There's a lot of kids smoking pot. In school, at school, dealing it, at home. They have parents that grow it. It's everywhere. It's readily accessible and they're using it," Knight said.

Knight quickly received support from organizations like the Josephine County Prevention and Treatment Center...and the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety. They're collaborating to create awareness in the community.

"Kids think it's okay to have it and smoke it, it's easy to get. so the village is kind of broken right now, so we're, he actually, came up with the name the village," Knight said.

Daye Stone is the principal at Hidden Valley High School. He wants to develop awareness programs within the school and for parents to change public perspective.

"Because of it being legalized our culture is starting to say, hey, it's okay. And I think that that's affecting our kids," Stone said.

Stone says he's noticed more marijuana use since the legalization of pot.

"There was a high level of access to marijuana prior to the legalization, but it seems as if there's an uptick to that," Stone said.

Stone said the school does not have a position on pot being legalized...the staff just worries about student's academic performance.

"You can draw some pretty clear conclusions, results from students that use on a regular basis, based on whether or not they stay in school, that they're motivated to do things, that they show up on time and they care about things," Stone said.

The committee will begin planning on March 10th, and hope to open future meetings to the public.

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