High winds have tree service businesses preparing to go out and clear debris

Tree-Mend-Us owner cutting down a resident's tree (KTVL)

With the wind advisory in effect until Saturday morning, tree service company's are gearing up for a possible busy couple of days.

Bryon Jones, owner of Tree-Mend-us was cutting down a tree earlier in the day with his crew.

The tree was topped and it was sitting close to the owner's house.

Cutting down the tree was planned long before the winds came, but Jones says it was important to get the tree off the ground before the winds really started to pick up.

Jones says having a tree pruned the right way, will keep your trees from getting topped.

"Proper pruning would be leaving the crown in tact and gently thin the crown throughout, preferably done in the fall way before any kind of storms or wind events like this would be a problem."

Jones and his crew are ready if the winds pick up.

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