Highway 101 opens again with newly paved lanes

Highway 101 opens again with newly paved lanes (Courtesy Dan Latham, ODOT)

Both lanes of US Highway 101 are now open at Hooskanaden Creek, 12 miles north of Brookings where a massive slide in February took out about a quarter mile of roadway.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, contractors paved the highway last week. The lanes of travel were striped Monday afternoon.

In the days immediately after the slide, Highway 101 was closed to traffic for two weeks, with a detour at Carpenterville Road.

Up until today, traffic through the damaged area was limited to a single, gravel lane. Paving the repaired section of highway started in the first weeks of April.

Despite efforts to reopen the highway as fast as possible, the Curry County Board of Commissioners documents an inventory of economic losses that resulted from the slide and subsequent road closure.

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