Jeep crashes into minimart storefront

Jeep crashed into Dickey's MiniMart in Klamath Falls and drove away. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Baker).

At around 1:30 Thursday morning, the owners of Dickey’s MiniMart in Klamath Falls received notice from their security company of a disturbance at their store. The security footage showed a Jeep hitting the building and driving away.

The owner's son, Ryan Baker, says the culprit left their front license plate behind.

"We're very lucky that they left the license plate behind. It was an instant karma kind of thing," he says.

Police told Baker they ran the plate and found out the vehicle had been purchased at a junkyard earlier this month. Baker says police told him they will be speaking to the owner of Jeep today.

Baker had gotten off work and left the store an hour before the incident.

"If it was an hour earlier, I would've been totaled," he says. "No one was in the store; we're all lucky we're okay."

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