Honoring the Fallen: Law enforcement in Josephine County emphasize community connection

(KTVL/Mike Marut)

Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel described those who have died in law enforcement as heroes.

"They're in possession of a lion's heart, a warrior, they are selfless in their service to our community," Daniel said at Tuesday's Peace Office Memorial.

Throughout his remarks, Daniel circled back to the connection officers have with their community.

"It is that love [from citizens] that feeds and drives a hero," Daniel said. "While we stand here and honor our heroes, today is not only about our fallen brothers and sisters - it's about you too."

Along with Sheriff Daniel, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Chief Bill Landis spoke a few words as well to honor officers who died in the line of duty.

He, too, emphasized the importance of community and remembering those who have died.

Landis then briefly mentioned his person connection to the Peace Officer Memorial, his great grandfather.

"He was shot and killed while performing his duties as police officer in 1916," Landis said.

Those comments were followed closely by Daniel's final remarks: saying aloud the names of those who have died serving Josephine County.

"From the Oregon State police, Trooper Burrell Baucom; from the Josephine County Sheriff's Office, Emmett J Blackmun; Alice Moran, a corrections deputy; Glenn Allen a corrections deputy; Marvin R Brewster, sergeant; and my friend, Tom Rice, he was a deputy in the marine patrol," Daniel said through choked up breaths.

Baucom died in 1933. Rice died in 2002.

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