Hornbrook hosts Klamathon wildfire homecoming celebration

Healing Hornbrook Project (Shelby Reilly/News 10)

The Klamathon fire took place almost a year ago to the day.

Recovering from a disaster like the Klamathon fire is not an easy task, but the community of Hornbrook is still standing a year later to tell us what happened and how far they’ve come.

The Klamathon fire destroyed multiple homes along with other communal buildings.

“It’s at least 4 1/2 - 5 years before you really recover from these fires so we have a long way to go,” Pat Miller, President of the Hornbrook Community Association, said.

The Healing Hornbrook Project and community members of Hornbrook came together a year later to host a block party with food, community members and hope. They remembered what they have been through and how much they have overcome in the last year.

The Healing Hornbrook Project is through the Hornbrook Community Association and has the goal to reconnect the community after the devastating fire.

“We are so excited about today and getting together for the first time not smelling smoke and seeing a bright sky and happy people,” Miller said.

Hornbrook locals were able to express their gratitude towards the community and all who helped to save the town.

“After being here in Hornbrook and having this tragic event that we had last year, our community has really come together like never before,” Pastor David Perham said.

Local law enforcement along with Cal Fire and Hornbrook Fire came out to show their support and reflect on what they had been through.

“So anytime that we deal with homes burning and fires like this it always does tug at the emotional side,” Frank Boccia, Fire Engineer with Cal Fire, said.

They may have a long road ahead of them but they are still standing strong as a community one year later and are hopeful for the future.

“I really like that phrase 'Hornbrook Strong'. Because we are strong,” Pastor Perham said.

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