Hot days ahead: First excessive heat warning of the year goes in effect Tuesday

An EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING will go into effect for the following counties Tuesday at Noon.

A premature round of extreme heat will impact areas west of the Cascades and northern California this week, as potentially record-breaking temperatures are expected to soar as high as 20 degrees above average.

FORECAST | Extreme Temperatures Ahead

The National Weather Service in Medford issued an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING that will be in effect for Curry, Josephine, and Jackson counties Tuesday at noon. A HEAT ADVISORY will simultaneously go into effect for western Siskiyou county.

Medford, Oregon's June 11th high temperature record was set back in 1941 when the valley hit 102. This Tuesday, Medford's temperature is forecast to hit 103.

Montague, California's June 11th record was set in 1986 at 98, and the expected high Tuesday is close to 100.

There will be little heat recovery overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, as lows are not expected to fall lower than the 60s.

There will be a higher risk for heat-related injury -- like heat exhaustion and heat stroke -- Monday into Wednesday.

Limiting time outdoors, especially for younger, older, and sensitive groups, is suggested during this time period. Staying hydrated will help in prevention of any heat-related illnesses.

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