Husband fights for a lantern in Lithia Park in honor of wife

Lantern (Shelby Reilly/News 10).

Terry Doyle is a local man in Ashland, who has been going back and forth with the city for over a year about putting up a piece of artwork to remember his wife, Chiyemi Doyle, who died last year.

He said about two weeks after her passing, he knew right away what he was going to want to do something to remember her by - put a Japanese Lantern in Lithia Park.

"It's not a usual thing that I decide to take on some major project just sort of on the spur-of-the-moment," Doyle said. "But I knew that I wanted to honor her memory, first of all, and I wanted to put it into the Japanese Garden in Lithia Park."

Doyle went back and forth with the Public Arts Commission and the Park and Recreation Commission in Ashland on whether or not this is something he would be allowed to do.

"Eventually, they came to agree with me and in June of this year, the Park and Rec commission voted unanimously to recommend acceptance of the Lantern," Doyle said.

The lantern will not be placed in the Japanese Garden in Lithia Park, but adjacent to it across from the tennis court.

Doyle said the lantern will have his son's, wife's and his own Japanese horoscope symbol and be the same height as his wife, which was just under 5 feet.

"It means the world to me... and I was actually a little bit doubtful that I could get both the park commission and the public art commission in Ashland to agree to do this," Doyle said. "It's not something that happens very often. But then I looked at it and I said, 'why wouldn't someone want a beautiful piece of art in their park?'"

Doyle hopes that he can begin the placement of the artwork in March of next year on his wife's birthday.

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