Illinois Valley Airport receives grant to make changes

Airport receives grant to help make some changes (Marissa Olid/News 10).

The Illinois Valley Airport just received a grant to help make some changes. The airport received a one-time study grant to help resurface the runway.

Larry Graves, the Director of Josephine County Airports tells News 10 the runway has not been resurfaced since the '70s and with many flying in and out and the runway not being up to date, there could be devastating effects.

"The runway is deteriorating, it's in poor condition right now," said Graves.

30% of the grant will be used for groundwork, while the airport has to match 10% with the help from the state of Oregon. Around this time next year, the airport is expecting the Federal Aviation Administration will give them a follow-up grant for the construction process. The construction process includes resurfacing of the runway, removing the old taxiway and putting in a new one.

The money from the study grant will go towards paying contractors, surveyors, and environmentalists who will be examining the current runway.

"It's about safety, we want to make sure the runway stays in good condition and it doesn't deteriorate to the point were we large cracks and hole developing when that could cause a problem for the pilots that come and go," said Graves.

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