In-N-Out brings back hot cocoa to their menus

In-N-Out Hot Cocoa (In-N-Out)

The Irvine-based burger chain, In-N-Out, quietly added hot cocoa to their menu.

In a statement president of In-N-Out Burger, Lynsi Snyder says:

This is actually the return of hot cocoa. My grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, served it for many years beginning in the ‘50s. I’m not sure how it fell off the menu but it’s part of our culture and something special for kids, and I’m happy that we’re bringing it back. For a certain generation, hot cocoa is an In-N-Out classic, and we hope it will be a favorite of a new generation. It’s quality cocoa from Ghirardelli and yes, we serve it with marshmallows!

The hot cocoa is available at all Inn-N-Out locations.

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