Inpatient versus outpatient addiction recovery services

Recovery treatment services listed on Jackson County, Oregon's website (KTVL / Ashley Carrasco)

MEDFORD -- News10 has received emails and Facebook comments with questions about a story we aired Monday on local recovery treatment centers.

We reported there are 7 treatment centers in Josephine and Jackson counties combined. A few people emailed us explaining there is more.You matter to news ten so we'd like to clear things up.

There are two different types of treatments. The first is inpatient treatment also known as residential. A patient must be admitted into a facility, which is what KTVL was referring to in Monday's story. News10 investigated and found on Jackson County's website out there are only two residential facilities in Jackson County. The website gives 4 lists of services.

OnTrack and Addictions Recovery Centerare the only two facilities listed as residential treatment centers.

KTVL's story was inspired afterTrust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported drug overdoses now kill more people than car crashes in Oregon, Washington and 34 other states. People who work with alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in southern Oregon said a large part of this has to do with the fact that there are not enough services for people with chronic addictions.

"Once somebody decides to get help and they want help and they want to get into an inpatient program it takes them so long to be able to get into that program," said Nick Weaver.

Foundations for Recovery reports it takes 4 to 8 weeks for an addict to get into a residential facility. Still, people are applauding efforts with outpatient resources.

Late last year Addictions Recovery Center opened a medically-monitored detox and stabilization center in Medford.Within 24 hour of admission in detox, ARC will assess and evaluate clients' treatment needs.

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