Insurance agent cautions homeowners to review policies for fire season

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Thousands of homes in our region are threatened each year during wildfire season and Shawn Green with MetLife Auto & Home Insurance says aside from making sure you're insured, there's another step you need to take.

Green says homeowners should be checking their policy with their agent every one to two years to make sure it keeps up with inflation costs so homeowners never caught by surprise by being under-insured.

"The thing that gets people is they don't look at the replacement cost for personal property and the replacement cost on the home. You never want to get a policy with actual cash value if you can avoid it because that 10-year-old kitchen table, you want a brand-new kitchen table," said Green.

Green says he understands his clients are busy so he makes sure to review plans and check in once a year.

And he knows fire danger, his oldest son Kaden Green is a new firefighter this season, on the line at the Klondike Fire.

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