Interim Senator Kevin Talbert to begin work in Salem

(KTVL/Randi Burns)

MEDFORD, Ore.- Interim Senator Kevin Talbert has filled the role left by the late Senator Bates. Senator Talbert said Senator Bates is irreplaceable but he saw this interim position as a way to serve the people of Southern Oregon.

He said he is still learning the daily routines of the position but having Senator Bates' legislative aide on his team has helped him transition.

Senator Talbert was also appointed to two committees, the General Services Committee and the Veteran's Service Committee, which he will begin working on next week.

He will be in Salem next week for one of the two legislative days in the fall, where he will be hearing from constituents, lobbyists and other senators or representatives.

Senator Talbert will only be in the interim position until November. Republican nominee Alan Deboer and Democratic Nominee Tonia Moro will be facing off for the senator position in November.

The Oregon Senate still honors the late Senator Bates with a memorial set up on his desk in the Oregon Senate chambers.

Interim Senator Talbert will not be using Senator Bates' office either while mementos and photos are placed on it as another remembrance of the legacy he left.

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