Jackson County deputy helps a homeless father and son find a new home

Osiris Lewis and his friend Ethan Geyer sitting on top of the hood of the Lewis family's new school bus home in Medford. (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

In a few weeks, a white-painted school bus will be transformed into a new home for Jesse and Osiris Lewis. The Lewis family said it's something that they've been dreaming about doing for the past four years.

"My dad said he wants the bathroom to be in this area and the kitchen in this area," nine-year-old Osiris said, as he walked us through the interior of the bus.

In the past few months, their entire lives have changed as community organizations helped them get back on their feet.

After previously living in their car until February, the Lewis family was a part of a community effort by the Compassion Highway Project to get people off the streets and into a hotel during the cold winter nights. The organization helped to find the family a sponsored hotel room for an entire month.

With Osiris' ninth birthday around the corner, the Joy Riders club organized a surprise birthday for him and his friends at Jac's Battlefield in March.

After learning about their situation, Deputy Ian Lance from the Jackson County Marine Patrol sold Jesse the bus for the discounted price $3,000.

"I was looking for someone to complete the project specifically," Lance said. "I just made it possible for him to do that. I thought he had the best chance of doing it."

Lance said he actually bought the bus for himself, planning to live in it until his plans changed. However, he is happy the vehicle has found a new home.

After buying the bus, Jesse said he is looking forward to the remodel.

"I was pretty excited," Jesse said. "Running pretty good for the most part, having a few little issues with it but that's to be expected with older vehicles."

Osiris said this bus is something the family has wanted for awhile now.

"My dad has been wanting to make it happen for a long time," Osiris said. "I'm happy for him. I'm really excited and to get our own bus."

He said his favorite part about their new home is having his own space.

"I'm gonna have my own room and my own home on wheels," Osiris said.

There is a community meeting planned for interested volunteers to help them construct and decorate the bus at the Medford library on Saturday at 10 A.M.

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