Jackson County Fair wraps up, preparation for Country Crossings begins

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - This year the Jackson County Fair came about two weeks earlier than it has in years past.

This to align with the first ever Country Crossings in Jackson County.

The fair director says it was a challenge that came with its rewards.

"It's not a small feat for all of these groups of people to say ‘we're all in we're all going to move’ and this group of people were so committed to making everything work that they did," said Helen Funk, the director of the Jackson County Expo.

Not only did they make it work but the fair got 30 percent more vendors than usual and that's in part because of the timing of the fair.

Typically, the Jackson County and Lane County Fairs happen on the same weekend so some vendors have to choose to attend on or the other.

There will be no rest for the staff as they gear up for Country Crossings.

300 people will be working on the breakdown of the fair and the setup of Country Crossings, which starts Thursday.

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