Jackson County inmates may be transferred to Josephine County Jail

Making room in Jackson County Jail (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

County Crossings Music Festival kicks off tomorrow and Jackson County Sheriff's department are making sure they are prepared.

Twenty-two inmates are expected to transfer from Jackson County Jail to Josephine County Jail for the weekend.

Sheriff Nathan Sickler says, they want to be prepared just in case they need the extra space. He says the transfer will open at least 10 beds in the jail.

Sickler says hopefully no laws are broken so the space doesn't have to get used.

"We have a partnership with Josephine County Jail, If they ever needed something we would do our best to accommodate them, but you know and I know, we don't have space and they do," Sheriff Sickler said.

The Sheriff says it's about $6,000 to move the inmates. They'll be back at Jackson County Jail when the festival is over.

Sickler says he hasn't got the approval yet, but he believes he most likely will get the OK.

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