Jackson County office requesting to be part of exclusionary zone

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

In early November they requested all county buildings be considered but now are asking just the administration building fall within the exclusionary zone umbrella.

Medford City Manager Brian Sjothun says the exclusionary zones were designed to keep repeat offenders from returning to the places they've committed a crime.

He says it's brought significant improvement to the downtown area in keeping businesses safe and welcoming.

Sjothun says county employees are looking for the same rules in their place of work.

"They've had some vandalism and items of defecation and those types of things like trying to break into the building," said Sjothun.

The motion to include just that administration building on 10 South Oakdale Avenue is back on the table tonight.

It two councilors vote no, it will come back for a second reading at the next city council meeting.

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