Jacksonville Barbershop Owner accuses landlords of sexual harassment and death threats

Outside of Jacksonville Barber, a shop that has been in Oregon since 1869 that may soon close. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

Jacksonville Barbershop, a business that has had a home in Oregon since the 1860's may shut down in 2 weeks due to an eviction.

Ed McBee, says he negotiated a lease extension with the property owners, but that he was never contacted to sign it on paper.

The shop's owner, Ed McBee, said that he believes his relationship with the property owners may have been damaged due to a possible sexual harassment claim.

Warren Lodge #10 owns the property that Jacksonville Barbershop rents out. The shop owner says that in the summer of 2016 a member of the masonic lodge sexually harassed a female employee, by hitting on her and mentioning the lease agreement. He says the employee felt threatened after the conversation.

McBee says after he told members of the lodge that, that behavior was unnacceptable the relationship between the lodge and the shop became strained.

McBee says that later a member of the lodge issued a death threat during a lease negotiation meeting.

"Two or three weeks ago I called the cops and let them know if I'm dead or die of violence, here's the guy to go and talk to," said McBee.

News 10 reached out to Jacksonville police to hear more about the alleged death threat.

The police office says that they investigated the death threat, but that the two witnesses they interviewed did not corroborate McBee's story.

McBee does not know if there are more reasons that the lodge did not want to negotiate with him, but he strongly suspects that the reasons are personal. He says the lodge will not return his attempts to contact them.

News 10 also reached out to Warren Lodge #10, they said that they would respond to our story next week.

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