Jacksonville community center remodeling

KTVL/Riche Garza

The Jacksonville Community Center board of directors has been raising funds for the grand remodeling of the historic site. In just six months they have raised $700,000.

The money is going to an entire adaptation of a hall that will be rented out as an event venue. It also has a new kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances.

A nearby dead cedar tree was uprooted as part of the project. Its wood is now re-purposed into the new building.

Although most of the work is done, the community center still has a few things to work on before the remodeling is complete.

"We have been wanting for years to bring programming for children, for people of all ages, it started off as a senior center but we are really looking for those kids with the after school programs," said Jeanena Whitewilson, Jacksonville Community Center Vice President.

The Jacksonville Community Center board of directors hope to have the entire project completed before the holidays.

To contribute to this project you may visit the Jacksonville Community Center

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