Join local non-profit race for recovery

Foundations For Recovery Sloth team jog-a-thon (Stephanie Montano/KTVL)

Foundations For Recovery getting ready for their 5K challenge. This year their goal is to raise $10,000 through their jog-a-thon. This year the organization is putting a team together. The non- profit even got a little creative with their motto, "We'll get there when we get there."

Doug Gould, the Executive Director of the non-profit said this is important especially since many who go through the program will most likely face relapse.

"This is long-term recovery and its gonna take time to get there," said Gould. "The way we focus on relapsing is this, if someone relapses we want them to be honest with us, we want them to tell us. And here's why cause what we will do is well take them back and examine the triggers and compulsions that led up to that relapse. "

The event takes place, April 14th at 7 a.m. To sign up you can click here.

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