Jordan Cove project receives record comments from residents

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The comment period for Oregon Department of State Lands for the contentious Jordan Cove pipeline closed Sunday, February 3rd.

In a 60 day window, 35,000 comments were submitted, setting the record for southern Oregonians writing in to petition their government.

The Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas - or LNG - pipeline, is a project proposed by Canadian energy corporation Pembina that would deliver natural gas to Asia, crossing 229 miles on Oregon land in the process.

That land includes private property and a number of waterways, including the Rogue River, the Klamath River, the Umpqua River, and the Coquille River.

That has landowners and environmentalists worried about their health and their rights being pushed aside by a foreign entity.

Those opposed have petitioned local, state, and national agencies, and have found success on multiple occasions, persuading those agencies to pull their support.

Now, they are calling for an end to the proposal, once and for all.

"Southern Oregonians have been fighting this project for over 14 years, and it's time that our state stands up and denies this permit so that we protect our waterways, our climate, and southern Oregon communities," says Rogue Climate Executive Director Hannah Sohl.

Over the past 60 days, members of Boost Southern Oregon, an organization of businesses, organizations, labor unions, landowners, local elected officials have submitted written and verbal testimony in support of Jordan Cove and the merits of its application to ODSL. In a statement to News 10, Boost Southern Oregon President Todd Goergen said he's confident about the project.

“As we approach the culmination of this properly rigorous permitting process at the local, state and federal levels, the team at Boost remains highly confident in Jordan Cove’s ability to meet all permitting requirements, generating significant public advocacy in the process,” Goergen said in part. “We believe in the future that Jordan Cove will provide to local businesses, communities, our neighbors, and the State of Oregon, and are proud to support a company that shares Oregon’s environmental values and priorities, and will uplift our economy while adhering to all statutes and regulations.”

The ODSL is responsible for regulating removal and fill in waters of the state.

"Boost and its membership strongly believe that Jordan Cove has met the requirements set forth under ODSL regulations. The project’s design uses proven methods and technologies to safely cross beneath southern Oregon waterways and avoid impacts to aquatic life," Goergen said.

This petition will be reviewed by the Oregon Department of State Lands, who have the power to deny it.

Gov. Kate Brown has yet to state her position on the project.

UPDATE: Story was changed to reflect Boost's statement on the project

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