Josephine Community Library hosts the Great Book Grab

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

Families waited for their turn to be a part of the Josephine Community Library's Great Book Grab event in Grants Pass Sunday afternoon.

Participants shopped from a collection of 6,000 to fill as many bags as they would like, free of charge.

After an increase in their annual collection budget, the funding allows the library to be more responsive to public demand for new materials. In an effort to make space for new materials, library staff said the event is a good way to discard of old reading material.

Those at the event say the long line was rewarding. Some attendees said they've waited in line for up to two hours.

"We've been waiting in line for awhile, but it was all worth it because they have all of these awesome cool books waiting for us inside," 10-year-old Natalie Pewitt said. "I'm just really happy that they did it because I can gather all my awesome books that I really want."

Employees said they plan to have another "book grab" event around April.

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