Josephine County Commissioner faces retaliation complaint

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A Josephine County Commissioner is facing a complaint brought to the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI).

The complaint claims Commissioner Lily Morgan retaliated against a whistleblower after he reported her for allegedly carrying a firearm inside the Josephine County Courthouse.

That incident was investigated by the Department of Justice and was later dropped for a lack of evidence.

Ever since then, JJ Scofield, the person who made the complaint and the county's Director of Human Resources, said he's faced backlash from commissioner Morgan.

In his complaint to BOLI, Scofield claimed she accused him of being dishonest, threatened to fire him and was verbally aggressive towards him in public meetings.

He also said his colleagues warned him that Morgan was looking to terminate him in retaliation for the report.

Even so, Scofield said the decision to file the complaint did not come lightly.

"Ultimately I thought it was the correct decision, both to change behavior that I feel is not in the best interest of the county, and also to protect me personally," he said.

The county is required to respond to the complaint by Jan 17.

If it's found to be valid, the county could face financial penalties.

Scofield said he's not looking for that to happen, and that he only wants to protect his job and have a better work environment.

News 10 reached out to Commissioner Morgan via email for comment.

She did not respond, but previously told other news outlets that any response would have to come from the county.

Read the full complaint below:

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