Josephine County inmate charged for attempted jail escape

Barbed wire fence surrounding the Josephine County jail. (News 10 / Jennevieve Fong)

A Josephine County man with about 40 standing charges added three more crimes to his list, after fleeing from jail. Justin Denney, 26, made his first court appearance on Monday at the Josephine County Courthouse.

Over the weekend, Denney was able to access the vent system of the facility through a man-made hole in the janitor's closet. After jumping off the roof and a foot chase with authorities, officers said Denney was taken back into police custody.

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As Denney committed new crimes during his escape, the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is handling the criminal investigation for both his escape and the additional charges.

The District Attorney's Office is charging him with escape in the second degree, robbery in the third degree and the attempted unauthorized use of a vehicle. At his arraignment on Monday, a judge set his bail $75,000.

Denney was originally arrested in January, accused of stealing marijuana out of a parked car inside the impound lot at the Sheriff's office and other alleged crimes. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 1.

The Josephine County Sheriffs Office said all inmates are currently accounted for.

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