Josephine County residents will be able to help save a life with new app

Josephine County residents will be able to help save a life with new app

Linda Lamoreau was coming home from work one day, when she stopped to help a person in need.

"I pulled my car over and I said whats happening, and they said someone is having a heart attack," says Lamoreau. "We pulled him out of the car but we don't know what to do. It was amazing seeing the person and being able to save their life."

She gave the man CPR, which ultimately saved his life.

"Time is the essence they say minutes is brain tissue," says Lamoreau.

Tuesday Josephine County rolled out Pulse Point, a new app that will help get to people in need of CPR faster.

"Someone calls 911 because of a cardiac arrest, citizens within a quarter mile radius will get an alert letting us know someone is in need of CPR," says Josephine County 911 Administrator Marci Haack.

A person doesn't have to be CPR trained in order to help someone in need.

"Getting started on CPR as soon as you can can help save lives," says Haack.

Pulse Point is especially helpful for those in rural areas where it might take even longer for emergency responders to get to.

"This is available for all of Cave Junction, Illinois Valley, Wolf Creek, Williams Fire, Grants Pass Fire, and AMR," says Haack.

She says it's an easy set-up for people who want to download the app.

"Once you download it, you just follow the instructions and from there you can search the agencies you want to follow," says Lamoreau.

It will allow a person to be able to help out, like Lamoreau did when she saved a life.

"People are motivated and I think having the app and even having the app how to do CPR, will be very beneficial," says Lamoreau.

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