Jury finds Grants Pass man innocent of sexual misconduct with a minor

Bryan Tucker

Following eight months in jail and local residents protesting, a Grants Pass man can finally call himself a free man.

Bryan Tucker was arrested back in August of last year was found innocent on Thursday after spending the better half of a year in jail for alleged misconduct with a minor.

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Back in September 2015, an lengthy investigation involving search warrants of social media sites, cellphone records and interviews determined that Tucker and the 12-year-old female had an inappropriate relationship.

In June 2017, A Grand Jury indicted Tucker with 16 criminal charges with several classified as measure 11 offenses. He was ultimately arrested in August of the same year.

Tucker appeared in court on Wednesday, where he faced sixteen felonies including sexual misconduct with a minor.

Tucker's family claimed their son was cat-fished by a 12-year-old girl that lied about her age.

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The charges were dropped on Thursday.

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