K9 Koda Reports For Duty at Jackson County Jail

Koda, the newest JCSO K-9 will work full-time in the Jackson County Jail with Deputy LeBel

The acquisition of 'K9 Koda' from Rogue River Police Department to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office fills a decade-long vacancy at the Jackson County Jail.

"It just happened to be the right scenario for us to get a dog," Sgt. Julie Denney with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputy Robert LeBel has been working towards getting a dog to work inside of the jail for a few years now.

"This is my first time as a handler," Deputy LeBel said. "I've been a decoy or an agitator for four years for the patrol dogs."

Since the Rogue River Police Department no longer had a need for Koda, JCSO decided to add him as their fourth K9 Deputy, their first in the jail in roughly 13 years.

"He's (Koda) got a great personality, a sweet personality," Deputy LeBel added. "And, he just loves finding the dope."

Koda is a 'four odor dog' who hits on the scent of marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. In his new work place, it's known as contraband.

"Right now we do have a big issue with finding drugs in our local jail," Deputy LeBel said. "Ultimately his (Koda's) goal is to hopefully find the dope we can't find. It's hidden in well-placed areas that we're overlooking, we can't smell it but he can sniff it out."

K9 Koda has already begun both his new gig at the Jackson County Jail and his new partnership with Deputy LeBel.

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