Keeping animals cool in the heat at the Jackson County Fair


Today is a big day for children involved in 4-H.

They are taking their pigs to be evaluated for auction.

The fairgrounds is filled with a lot of excitement and nerves, and a few concerns to keep in mind.

While these children have been working for months to raise these pigs, their work isn't quite done.

In these high temperatures, some are taking special measures to keep their pigs cool.

"I personally get a towel wet and lay it on my pig. Of course he chews on it when it falls off but, and then I keep a spray bottle too," says Elsa Smith, a first year junior in the organization.

Pigs can't sweat, so getting the heat out is a job for the pig's caretakers more for than the pigs themselves.

They will be here for the next couple days as temperatures jump up, and that care becomes especially important.

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