Kid's Unlimited cooks student's meals from scratch

Kid's Unlimited cooks student's meals from scratch

Kris Walker is chopping up bell peppers as part of dinner for the students at Kid's Unlimited.

"We like to keep our stuff really, really fresh," said walker

"All of our food is cooked from scratch." said CEO of the school, Tom Cole. "Most of it is outsourced from local farms here in our region."

Cole says the school serves fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"We have a high regard for nutrition and making sure that the value of our meals are the highest nourishment possible," said Cole.

Chef Walker says the change came about 5 years ago, when he saw the kids eating corn dogs with maple syrup for breakfast and chicken patties for lunch.

"It was disturbing," said Walker. "It was like all the fast food they were eating when they were at home and that's when we kind of took a step back and said this has to change."

That change is in the form of honey chicken, cantaloupe and ham and cheese sandwiches.

"USDA standardized recipes and we're able to, with different herbs and seasonings put our own little twist on it," said Walker.

The school has a partnership with Oregon Health and Science University and the Moore Institute.

"We had an opportunity to present at the OHSY nutrition conference this past Friday as one of the only groups in the state, doing scratch cooking and really looking at our model as a possibility to expand," said Cole.

Expand on something that can change how a child's day is going.

"Many of our kids depend on our food source to be their only food source, so we got a high conscious level for making sure their first meal of the day and their last meal of the day is a great one," said Cole.

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