Klamath Falls Police Department to provide free child ID's


Volunteers with the Klamath County Police Department are taking extra steps towards child safety by creating child I.D.'s for the public.

The service would input children's finger prints and other physical characteristics into a data base.

If the child ever runs away or becomes a victim of abduction, having that information could help get them back to their families.

"It's just like a criminal case," said Sgt. Morrie Smith with the Klamath Falls Police Department. "A finger print could mean the difference between guilt and not guilty, so same goes with the child. If somebody gives us the name of a child, we can prove whether that is the child or it is not the child."

The department will be doing child I.D.'s every Saturday and Sunday in May from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Klamath Falls Police Station. The station is located at 2501 Shasta Way.

This is a free service. To make an appointment, contact the Klamath Falls Police Department,

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