Klamath Falls School District awarded $5,000 for active shooter training

The Klamath County School District held and active shooter drill at Henley High School in November 2017. (KCSD)

The Klamath County School District was named the statewide Safety Star for its school safety practices at an award ceremony on Thursday.

PACE, the primary insurer for Oregon's school districts, recognized KCSD for the active shooter drill the district held in November 2017.

According to the Oregon School Board Association, more than 500 people participated in the drill by acting as students in classrooms while over 50 first responders fired blanks.

They said having the staff experience the mock situation helped prepare them for real-life situations.

"The realm of threats we are now facing not only in schools, but in any public agency, it's an evolving thing,"said Steve Johnson, Safety Officer for KCSD. "It's something we have to address and make sure we have protocols and procedures in place to adjust just as fast as these threats are adjusting and evolving as well."

The distinction carries a $5,000 prize to be put towards school safety improvements.

So far, the district has explored several ways to use the money.

One option includes installing camera-lock systems at the front doors of schools. The district said anyone looking to enter to building would first have to be cleared by school staff through the system.

They are also considering additional training for all front office staff on how to recognize and respond to threats.

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