Knute Buehler in Medford on the eve of election day

KTVL/Riche Garza

The Oregon Governor race has been one of the closest in recent history. The traditionally blue state has not seen a Republican Governor since 1979.

On the eve of midterm elections, Republican candidate for the Governor's seat, Knute Buehler, made a stop at the Jackson County Republican Offices for his final speech in Medford, before the polls close tomorrow.

Buehler appeared hopeful as he met constituents to answer concerns affecting the Rogue Valley.

Buehler said, "This is going to be a close election and every vote is going to count especially here in Jackson County, where we have a lot of support, so we need to make sure people turn out, and importantly, now drop off their ballot at the local polling station."

Buehler also stated that if elected he will appoint a Chief Homeless Solution Officer, and reorganize the Oregon Department of Education during his first day in office.

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