La Clinica hopes to offer less-expensive seminars to patients

(KTVL/Justin Matthews).

MEDFORD, Ore.- La Clinica is the running to expand services at its new wellness center on Biddle Road, helping low-income families live healthy lives.

The medical group is offering personal development, leadership, and team-building seminars known as "Wings," to the public. The seminars are being expanded from Eugene to Medford.

The goal is to offer the curriculum to La Clinica patients at a cheaper cost.

"Lifestyle factors for them, support for them to make changes they need to make to have well-being in their life and the way we see Wings, is really one more step in that," said Julie Worth from La Clinica.

The seminars can cost hundreds of dollars. Once the public seminars are available to the public starting in September, La Clinica says it will begin working on ways to make it cheaper for its members.

There's an open-house on Wednesday night from 4:30 to 6:30 at the wellness center on Biddle Road.

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