La Clinica moves locations to accommodate mental health and addiction services

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La Clinica is moving their Birch Grove Health Center to a new location in order to provide more drug treatment and mental health services along with its primary care practice.

The organization, which provides care for under served families across the Rogue Valley, will open their 12,000 square-foot location on Tuesday, January 22nd. That's up from 1,600 square feet at their old location in the county health building.

The move bolsters their holistic approach to healthcare, and will draw on community partners like On Track and Addictions Recovery Center to do so.

"We think about someone as a whole person," says Practice Manager Stephanie Lyon. "They're whole beings, so instead of just their arm or their leg, it's everything about them. How they're doing in their life, their emotional well-being."

Lyon says that sometimes their patients have fears about going to see a medical provider that can keep them from seeking treatment.

At Birch Grove, they aim to create a non-judgmental environment, where people can get their regular physical, see a therapist, and access drug treatment options, all in one visit, with no stigma attached.

The new center is located at 910 S Central Ave. in Medford.

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