Landmark transgender bill passes Oregon Legislature

Dade Barlow, May 11th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- The first standalone bill for the transgender community passed the Oregon Legislature and moves to the governor's desk.

Those who transitioned in Jackson County said this is progress. House Bill 2673A creates a more efficient and private process for transgender Oregonians to update their information. This includes name and gender markers on birth certificates.

"It makes me feel that people are finally starting to get it and that people are advocating for the trans community and I think that's been a long time coming. And I'm really happy to see it," said Dade Barlow, who transitioned five years ago.

Lawmakers said updating personal documents makes it easier to get a job, housing, and medical care. According to the US Trans Survey, only one in 10 transgender individuals have accurate identification.

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