Large bird causes brush fire

(Courtesy: Klamath County Fire District 1)

A large bird collided with power lines, causing a brush fire at 9:30 a.m. Monday morning behind a Wal-Mart on Laverne Way in Klamath Falls.

The bird that caused the fire is presumed to be a crow or a raven. It's hard to say for sure because, "the back half of the bird was not attached to the front," according to Klamath County Fire District #1 Division Chief, Devon Brown. "It looked like it completed a circuit between two wires and was electrocuted."

The response to the fire was quick in putting out the flames. An engine, two wildland patrol cars, as well as two command cars for a total of nine personnel were on scene. The fire was fully contained within an hour.

Occurrences like this one are not uncommon. Brown's department responded to a fire two weeks ago caused by a hawk that had been electrocuted as well.

Damage included two power poles, and approximately a quarter acre of grass and sage brush. The two damaged power poles caused a widespread power outage, but was safe for use shortly after the incident was contained.

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