Lithia Motors partner with N. Medford High automotive program

North Medford H.S. students met with Lithia Motors executives. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Medford, Ore. - Lithia Motors has partnered with North Medford High School's automotive program on Thursday to integrate the mechanics and business end of the auto industry.

"I try to kind of instill that in these kids that you might be working on cars, but you're going to be talking to customers, you're going to be talking to your managers and so not just working on the cars, we're trying to work on that communication stuff too," Scott Childers, the head of the automotive program at NMHS, said.

Lithia Motors executives met with Childers and some of the students to talk about where they see the auto industry going.

"I try to get them hooked with the mechanics and then let them know there's a huge industry out there that they don't have to just work on cars," Childers said. "This is a great place to start. At least your background knowledge is in the mechanics of the car."

Childers hopes to bring the automotive program up to speed in terms of car technology with the help of Lithia Motors.

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