Little red hats for babies at Providence

mother holding her newborn baby with a little red hat.

In honor of heart month, KeyBank representatives of Medford donated knitted red hats to the newborns at Providence Birthplace.

Their goal is to raise awareness to the deadly facts of heart disease, as it remains the number cause of death in the United States among adults, but new born babies can also suffer from heart issues. Recent data from the American Heart Association revealed that roughly 40,000 babies are born with congenital heart defects, making them the most common type of birth defect.

Providence says the little red hats will serve as a reminder and encourage moms to help their children grow healthy. “We are handing out these hats to each family this month and along with it an explanation of why we want to get the awareness out there to the community," Ali Hull said, Clinical Educational Coordinator for the Birthplace at Providence.

"We are able to receive donations from KeyBank and give red hats out to our families and help support the American Heart Associations mission, which is to prevent and detect heart defects from infants as early as possible," Hull said.

The little red hats donated, are accompanied by an explanation of why multiple organizations from entirely different fields have teamed up to spread awareness in the community.

American Heart Association volunteers from Medford and around the state of Oregon spent countless hours knitting and crocheting the little red hats for the newborn babies.

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