Local activist group makes global warming documentary

A clip from the documentary SOCAN created. (Courtesy: Liz Olsen, Taken from Voices of the Valley documentary)

A local climate change activist group recently finished an hour long documentary about global warming.

The documentary, Voices of the Valley: Stories of How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Lives, was produced by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN).

The documentary took around a year to finish, the film crew were all volunteers except for one professional editor.

The documentary is about the thoughts of ordinary people on Global warming. The documentary features interviews from locals in all sides of the social spectrum, from farmworkers, to Oregon Shakespeare Festival employees, to members of local Native American tribes.

"I'd like to raise the awareness around it that it's actually effecting our lives now. I think it's helpful for people to know that other people are also thinking about it and being effected by it," Liz Olson, who was the Project Manager for the documentary, said.

"We hear all the [government] officials talk... and the scientists, but it's good to hear what just common people are hearing about it and how it's affecting them," Olson said.

SOCAN is working on hosting showings around the Rogue Valley for the documentary. The next showing is scheduled for December 6th at 2 PM at the Ashland Library.

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