Local agency promoting Disaster Preparedness week

KTVL/Stephanie Montano

Disaster Preparedness Week begins today.

Local Allstate agents are partnering with the American Red Cross by giving away disaster kits to prepare families for emergencies. The agency said this is especially relevant since the state of Oregon is ranked number eight on the list of top 10 most wildfire prone states.

"We want to help prepare them and at least put that in their frame of mind," said James Nolan, Allstate Agency Owner in Medford. " So they have something to take care of themselves in the event of a wildfire or something like it."

Allstate said in 2017, over 2,000 wildfires took place across the state, burning more than 714,000 acres.

Allstate offices are also collecting toiletry supplies to donate to the Red Cross which will go to veterans in need.

Donations can drop them off at the Allstate office in Medford their address is 1046 Court St.

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