Local assisted living facility tries to prevent residents from getting the flu

Keeping the facility extra clean (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

Skylark Assisted Living in Ashland is making sure residents are safe during this flu season.

Housekeeper, Alma Torres, says she is making sure the facility is squeaky clean.

"It just makes me happy, to see that I'm making a difference in the residence," said Torres.

The Administrator, Teresa Selby, says they train staff specifically for the flu season.

"We're sanitizing door knobs, handrails the elevator, and we have a young man who focuses just on that. He comes in five days a week and we really up him during this time of the year as well," said Selby.

She says they increased the amount of hand sanitizing stations and is thankful no one has gotten the flu yet.

"Once somebody starts sniffling or coughing we have them going around with a disinfectant," said Selby.

The facility offers the flu shot every season. If a resident does get sick, service is offered, so the resident does not have to leave their home and expose others.

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